G-Tech BSP11 Digital Arm Blood Pressure Metre



    G-Tech is a Brazilian brand with more than 25 years of experience in the market that emphasises the improvement of the health of each of its customers. Its products have high performance and quality, so that its patients can be treated effectively. G-Tech blood pressure metres are highly accurate and have the best response time on the market.

    The BSP11 also has an indicator of cardiac arrhythmia, graphical indicator of the level of hypertension and automatic mean calculation of the last three measurements.

    Practical and functional

    With this arm blood pressure metre, you will have the freedom to take your blood pressure on your own, with autonomy, ease and high clinical accuracy. Put on the clamp, adjust the velcro and start measuring.

    Ease of use

    This automatic blood pressure metre inflates and deflates easily at the touch of a button. Just put on the bracelet and wait a few moments until your results are reflected on the screen.

    The indicators you need

    With this blood pressure monitor, you can get the maximum and minimum pressure values in the comfort of your home.

    In addition, it measures heart rate and warns of the presence of potentially dangerous irregular heartbeats to avoid possible arrhythmias.

    Light and practical

    Due to its size and low weight, you will be able to use it without problems and move it wherever you want. Put it in your wallet or purse and take it everywhere.

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