KNakasaki Brushcutter 842NK-630AT


    Other features
    Engine Torque: 2
    Displacement: 63 cc
    Engine output: 3 hp
    Fuel tank capacity: 1.1 L
    With safety guard: Yes
    Cutting systems: Disc cutting, Wire
    Starting system: Manual
    Machine axle type: Straight
    Drive axle: Rigid
    Handlebar type: Open
    Accessories included: Harness, Nylon reel, 3-point disc, 80-point disc, Tools
    Maintaining your home's green spaces is now easier, forget about sloppy cuts and weeds.

    More tidy green spaces
    Ideal for those spaces you can't reach with your lawn mower, like shrubs and small trees that need more power for your pruning.

    Open handle
    The open handle of this brushcutter allows an ergonomic and effortless handling of the machine. Achieve a calm and regular movement when working on large surfaces.

Additional details

Type Painting & decorating
Year 2021
Color Orange
Condition New
Warranty 3_months
Quality Excellent

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