Mini Bike Exercise Bike Pedalinho Cicloergometer 502


    AMini Bike Cycleergometer Seated Exercise for Physiotherapy

    The Special Gold Mini Bike from WCT Fitness is a very practical piece of equipment in which you can pedal sitting in a chair or even on the couch at home.

    It is a practical equipment in which you exercise smoothly and with low impact, without harming the joints of your knees.

    It is a product developed by physiotherapists which helps in physical conditioning, stimulating blood circulation and helping to recover from muscle injuries.

    It prevents the appearance of varicose veins and cramps, can be used to exercise legs and armsAssists also in rehabilitation.

    It has force regulation with adjustable tension knob, allows you to vary the intensity of the workout;

    It can be transported easily and takes up little space and is easy to store anywhere.


    Used to exercise and rehabilitate arms and legs.

    The Pedal for Lower Limb Physiotherapy was also developed with the elderly in mind and for those who need physiotherapy and active exercise for the legs.

    Ideal for improving physical condition, as it strengthens and stimulates blood circulation.

    Performing exercises sitting on a sofa or chair improves the physical condition, stimulates blood circulation, assists in the recovery of muscle injuries, prevents the appearance of varicose veins, cramps, can also be used to exercise legs and arms, aids in rehabilitation.

    The mini Bicycle is indicated by several physiotherapists.


    - Can be transported easily

    - Occupies little space

    - Super Light and easy to handle

    - It can be used in various environments - does not produce noise;

    - Its metallic structure with an electrostatic painting finish;

    - It has pedals with Velcro straps - they hold the feet or hands safely and comfortably;

    - It has force regulation - which is activated by squeezing.

    - Manufactured in Carbon Steel

    - Ideal for exercising arms and legs

    - Rehabilitation

    - Physiotherapy

    - Improve motor coordination

    - Stimulate blood circulation

    Items included in each package:

    1 Pedal Cycle ergometer

    1 set of keys and screws

    1 instruction manual


    33.5cm high

    19cm width

    39cm long

    Weight: 2,5 kg

    High quality material

    Included with the Mini Bike: screws, pedal guards to prevent your feet from slipping off during exercise and a manual.

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