Study & Work Canada, UK, AUS, USA, IRELAND, EUROPE (Special Offer £999) Pandemic Discount


    Study & Work in CANADA, UK, Australia, USA Europe (Pandemic Discount Offer £999) & Apply Visit Visa only to any Country
    Admission Open for SEP,JAN 2022/23 Session to Canada, UK, USA :
    (Strictly closing in 2 weeks) SDS & Fast Track decision in 20 days

    CANADA STUDY & Work Leads to Settlement & Express Entry (For single or apply with family together):-

    **-- SDS and Fast Track Visa processing with highest success Ratio in 20 days stream for Study Visa.
    **-- 20rs Work Allowed. Leading to 1-3 years Post Study Work Permit after. 1 to 2 year study.

    ---------- Just study in Canada for £2100/- for a year professional courses at Top Ranked University, limited offer ** With highest proven Visa success ratio.*********

    ***** Proven Highest Success Ratio for Canada Study & Business Visit Visa ****
    Canada is No.1 Welcoming destination to study, work & settle. Enjoy higher standard life after short time efforts to become Permanent Resident after study.

    ------------------- Get 1 to 3 years Open Work Leading to Permanent Residence ---------

    *** If you are in UK and you are on T4, T1, T2 Visa in UK or ILR you have good chances to get Canada Visa for Study or Business visit leading to work and settlement in shortest time.

    *** If you are EU Citizen, Worried about BREXIT then have good destination Canada as best chance to study, work, and settle permanently, with highest visa chances.

    *** You can apply now if college, or sponsor suspension, revocation issues. You have good chance to apply Canada even your status is compromised.

    --- We arrange guaranteed Admissions to Gov/Public Funded Colleges & Universities for study visa. Get PSW 1 to 3 years after study. Then PR status.

    --- We also arrange Business Visit Invitations from Canada, USA, to apply 1-5 year multiple Business Visitor Visa to Canada.

    --- If you are EU Citizens, we can help in study or International Experience Class to settle in Canada.

    --- Extend or switch to other category options inside.
    --- Time spent on student, or temporary status will count towards PR.
    --> NO IELTS required & Pay Tution Fee after Geting Study Visa option available.
    - ->Get PSW Visa for 1-3 year after just 1 year education, leads to Citizenship.
    -->Work Allowed 20hr. Work/job placement up to 15$/hr for Co-Op Courses.
    --> Post Study Jobs arrangements by colleges possible in Co-Op courses.
    --> Any one can sponsor your education from any country.
    --> Get quick results by Online Applications and get Visa decison in 2-3 week.
    --> Dependent Also allowed to apply and full time work allowed.
    --> Easy switching to settelemnt via CEC inside Canada after study.
    --> If your college closed, or in suspension, any status still can apply for Canada.
    --> If you got 60 days letter, visa curtailed etc. Still you can apply Canada.
    --> Direct switching after 1 year study to PSW or CEC/EE etc.
    -->Inside switching from Visit visa to other categories is possible.

    All courses available Undergarduate & Post graduate level in Business, Tourism, ICT, Care, Engineering, Health, Nursing and applied Sciences courses.

    *- Study in Saskatchewan, Quebec, BC and Apply Direct Permanent Residence after 1 year study completion. Its helpful in PnP & Express Entry.

    -- Canada Visit 5 Year Multiple Visa Option with good success ratio and with inside switching options to other categories.

    Admissions & CAS for United Kingdom (DBA, PhD, Foundation)
    -- Get Admission in Universities BA/BSc/Master, PhD, Foundation Pre-Master.
    -- Get admissions in Highly Trusted College & Public Funded College CAS.
    -- Get Admission in University and work Rights 20hrs.
    -- English or other short courses for Study for student visitor visa.
    -- ** UK University CAS Pay Tuition Fee after visa at joining , with 20hrs work rights possible.*

    Australia, New Zealand Study Visa Leading to PSW 2 to 4 years & settlement after just 2 years study. (Higher chances of visa after 1st July)
    -- Seats are Limited for coming session. No IELTS necessary if UK diploma/degree.

    - Streamlined Admissions processing with New SSVF Visa systems. High Visa rate in new system for South Asian countries. from 1st July 2016.
    - Guarenteed Admissions & CoE with in short time Colleges/Uni.
    - Low deposit for CoE minimum fee starting £1000
    - 2 year post study work options after compeleting course.
    - PR switching and easy seettlement visa inside after education.
    - Better Visa ratio from UK. Low Advance deposit for CoE.
    - IELTS Band 5.0 or PTE acceptable, or ELICOS+Course Admission
    - With & Without IELTS admissions and visa processing is possible.
    - Streamline Visa CoE option for Colleges/University available. All Courses.

    USA: Study Low Tuition fee (£5000/yr.). BBA, MBA, MIS, Other Courses
    -- Get up 3 to 5 year Student or Visit Visa from UK at any status.
    -- Leading to H1B opportunities in USA after study.
    -- Get I-20 in 1 to 2 weeks or even faster.
    -- No Advance tuition Fee to pay
    -- NO IELTS/TOEFL Required
    -- Same day Visa decision at appointment day.
    -- Interview support/Financing help for study possible.
    -- Quickly processed I-20, and Visa.
    -- Bachelors, Masters, Diplomas, ESL in USA Universities/colleges.
    -- Fee lower than UK/Canada. Visa duration varies up to 5 yrs.
    -- Higher success ratio from London, UK. & Work rights.

    Study & Work Europe (Finland) Admission Starting with Grant options ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    -- Free PhD in Finland admission started in, deadline end of September.
    -- PhD in Poland Only 4000 Euro, deadline end of Sep.
    -- Visit & Study Finland and get Schengen Visa months.
    -- Invitations/Sponsoring will be arranged from Finland or European countries.

    -- Study in FINLAND, Master degrees, bachelors degree No Tuition Fee to pay.
    -- 1-year Post Study Work permit in Finland and get Permanent Resident Permit.
    -- Low bank statement required only £5000 only.
    -- English medium of instructions, BA, BBA, MA, PhD all courses.
    -- IELTS 5.5 or UK education exempted.

    Study in Czech Republic, Spain, Lithuania . (Low Fess: From 3000 Euro)
    -- Economical Fee structure
    _ Highest Visa Success Ratio
    -- Work and settlement chances.

    France, Poland, or Switzerland (Admission started deadline Mid of October)
    -- Study in France only £2100/- fee pay after Visa as well.
    -- MBA, BBA, other courses in France just 5600 Euro/year, 20hr Work Allowed. Eng.
    -- Study in France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Norway, Denmark.
    -- Good Visa chances for study in Spain.
    -- PhD in Switzerland only £2200/year.
    -- Study and Work in Ireland, Entrepreneur Visa options by Investment.

    Note: Discount Offer is limited to 2 weeks only.

    WhatsApp, Facebook for international inquiries.

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