Vacuum and ironing robot Multilaser HO041 red and black 


    Have a robot hoover will allow you to save time and effort. It is the solution so that the cleaning of your home is performed more frequently and can keep the environments always impeccable. The Multilaser HO041 will do the task for you.

    Fully autonomous
    Its anti-fall sensor will allow you to turn it on and leave it running without worry near high steps, stairs or on the second floor of your house.

    Intelligent operation
    Delineates a map of the work area to recognise environments and be able to move around in the most efficient way.

    Vacuums, sweeps and mops the floor
    Because life is so much more than doing housework, this robot will also sweep and mop the floors for you. All your rooms will look stunning, free of lint, pet hair and tough stains.

    All the necessary accessories
    When you buy the product, you will get additional elements that will make its performance accurate and your user experience the best. Includes: rechargeable battery, filter, mop, charger, 2 side brushes.

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