About Us

With thousands of unique visitors and new ads every day, P4SELL is an online trading site for private and corporate sellers of used and new products. On P4SELL there is something for everyone.

New ads are added every second, from which we hope to make everyone happy. From cars and clothes to equipment and health items, through P4SELL it finds a second, third or even fourth life.

On P4SELL, every deal makes a big difference, because with every purchase you make, you also support another development project in Africa. Every month we connect many buyers and sellers. This is how P4SELL users contribute together to a world where people share more.

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Partnerships with innovative businesses around the world

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Mission / Vision

In addition, with our transport function we make sure that not only your goods can be purchased in a reliable way, but that they are also reliably delivered to you. Any time, any place. Buying goods without boundaries, that's what P4SELL stands for.

P4SELL has been around for several years. So we have a wealth of experience in the field of security. We have shaped this experience into the best compilation of selling and buying goods and transporting them.

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Why we are the best?

  • Buy goods and arrange your own transportation through affiliated carriers

  • Get the best price for your transportation

  • Find the best products through our shop and from our advertisers

  • Take advantage of our expertise in your purchase

  • Support development projects in Africa with every purchase

  • Offer your services and goods throughout our partnership program

  • Our transport job feature gives you the freedom to have your package delivered at any time, any place

  • Our Ambition

    Our ambition is to make P4SELL the solution for shipping large items throughout Europe and Africa. From our office in Kinshasa, we are working to improve our website and ensure that the platform meets the needs of our customers in the best possible way.

    Together with a dedicated team, we work daily to optimize P4SELL and also like to give back. We do this by supporting various development projects in Africa.

    If you buy something through P4SELL and arrange your transport with us, then you are also giving something back to the world. A win-win!

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    It’s all about you

    P4SELL has a wide selection of products that we are more than ready to ship to your address, our algorithm is based on your favorite listings and products, so you have always the products you love.

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    Common Questions

    If you can’t find what you are looking for, please try and see the link below

    Private Policy

    How can P4SELL help me?

    We and our employees are here to help you. Find the item you are looking for and simply choose your transport of choice. It’s easy!

    I never used an online shopping site. How can I find my item?

    You can simply find your items by using our search engine. Please search on keywords, category or location. To make it even easier, just make an account so the next time you are on our page, we know what you like already!

    There are some steps you have to follow, such as:

    1. Registering on the platform, 2. Filling in with your name and email, 3. Creating a password for your profile on P4SELL. Now you can search your item on your page.

    I created my profile. How can I search for the product I need?

    You can simply find your items by using our search engine. Please search on keywords, category or location. To make it even easier, just make an account so the next time you are on our page, we know what you like already!

    I searched for a product and I liked it. Can I buy it now?

    After finding your item, we advise you to: 1. Analyze the photograph, 2. The description, 3. The state of the product, 4. And the location of the seller. You can always contact the seller. The number is in the description, you can ask for more information and make a negotiation directly with the seller.

    How can I make the product payment?

    This situation depends on you and the seller. You can agree for pay with cash, online transfers, PayPal or another option that works best for both of you.

    What to do when the product is in bad condition?

    Our team performs pre-analyses before the ads are published, they compare the description with the photograph and the state of the product. If the product isn’t good, you can contact the seller directly to report your problem and contact our support team.

    How long do I have to wait to receive my item?

    At the moment the seller sends your product, ask for the number of the order so you can see how many days you have to wait for them. With that you can follow the order

    The item isn’t the same. What do I need to do now?

    If your product is not the same and has a few problems you have to: 1. Take a picture, 2. Register your feedback on P4SELL, 3. Describe the problem for our support team. After this, our team will analyze your problem and answer as soon as possible.

    Can I talk directly with P4SELL if a problem appears?

    If your question is not explained here in your FAQ, you can always contact our support team. Just fill in our contact form and we are here to help!

    Can I ask to see the product?

    You can always contact the seller and request a visit to feel safer.

    If I don’t want/can pick up the product, is it possible to send it to my address?

    We have partners to carry out the transport and you pay a small price for that.

    I did not receive my product. What should I do?

    You can contact the seller/ transport organization and request information about the shipment of the product. It’s important to keep the proof of delivery in the first thirty days. If you can’t, we are here for you, contact our support team.

    Can I sell any product on the site?

    You can sell all kinds of legal products that belong to you and you want to sell.

    How can I publish my product online for sale?

    It’s important you prioritize all information about your item to make a good sale. For that you have to: 1. Take a good photograph, 2. Tell the size of the product, 3. Tell more about the brand, 4. If it’s new or used, 5 The price

    I published my item. Can I change the price of my product?

    Your publish can be changed at all time for you, in fact, you can edit the price, status, picture and all information you think is necessary.

    My ad was published and did not have visualization. What can I do?

    You can review the product description, price and see if the photos are in good condition.

    A request has been made. What to do?

    It is important to see if the product is right, if it is in good condition. You have to pack correctly and send/deliver to the buyer protecting the quality of the product.

    I have to send my order. How to do it?

    After packing the order, send it to the buyer’s address so that he receives it. Keep the receipt for your own protection. It’s important to keep the receive, in case there are problems with shipping. You should not forget to send the tracking code to the buyer to pass confidence. Buyer feedback is important for you on our platform. So, ask them to write something nice about you. With a positive buyer rating you will be indicated for more sales. With a positive evaluation your ads will be recommended sooner.