Cordless Electric Spanner 288VF 1/2 '' 800NM 22800mAh


    Cordless electric brushless impact wrench with 1/2 battery - One battery 288VF 1/2 '' 800NM 22800mAh 

    1. 1/2" square drive.
    2. Easy to make or undo car wheels.
    3. 800N.M high torque, continuous speed change switch.
    4. Tungsten steel shaft, high hardness and wear resistance.
    5. Suitable for construction site shelving, maintenance, carpentry, etc.
    6. Automatic reverse rotation stop mode stops the impact and rotation in 0.2 seconds after the bolt / nut is loosened enough.
    7. Provides various clamping controls for a wide range of applications, such as scaffolding, car tyres, automotive, installation and manufacturing trade.

Additional details

Type Hand tools
Year 2020
Color Black
Condition New
Warranty 3_months
Quality Excellent

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