Ikon Sleep Elegance Viscoelastic Mattress | 160X200




Visco Elegance mattress with high-quality HR foam core and highly breathable Stretch fabric.

It is quilted on both sides with layers of hollow silicone fibres, which give a feeling of comfort and provide a pleasant lie down, as well as a cozy feeling.

It has HR D23 foam core, for adequate firmness, and is padded with Viscoelastic on the top, which provides great adaptability and great comfort when lying down.

Its optimum adaptability manages to avoid muscle tension and favour a healthy and restful rest, thanks to its composition and high quality Multi-elastic Stretch outer fabric, highly breathable and pleasant to the touch.

The modern and elegant look of the Elegance Visco mattress combines with the high technology at its core.

The Visco Elegance mattress is +-18cm in height/thickness, which makes it suitable for almost all types of beds. It provides firmness, comfort and adaptability, very important conditions to obtain a pleasant rest.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the total independence of the beds, for uninterrupted rest.

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