Philco Php500ps Turbo 700w Planetary Mixer


    700W 12-Speed Planetary Blender with PowerShift

    More than just preparing delicious recipes, cooking is a demonstration of love for all those who are important to you and with the Philco PHP500PS 700W Turbo Planetary Mixer you will have much more efficiency and practicality for all those moments!

    With its constant rotating motion combined with the translation movements, you will have much more homogeneous dough in much less time! It has 12 speed control plus turbo function, allowing you to select the ideal speed for each type of recipe.

    Its plastic bowl can hold up to 4 litres, allowing you to prepare large quantities at once! Sharing with the family has never been so easy! It has three beaters (light dough, heavy dough and egg whites) so that you can prepare from heavy to light dough in a much more practical way.

    It has a non-spill lid with opening for adding ingredients, which will make the whole process faster and more hygienic, since you won't even need to take the lid off to add ingredients.

    Whipped cream, whipped cream, mayonnaise, cakes, puddings, pizzas, bread, you decide what to do and the Philco PHP500PS Turbo 700W Planetary Mixer prepares it!

    - Electronic control with 12 Turbo speeds
    - Plastic bowl with 4L capacity
    - Whisk for egg whites: Whips egg whites, chantilly cream and mayonnaise quickly and efficiently
    - Light dough mixer: Whips cakes, puddings, mousses and other creams
    - Heavy dough mixer: Ideal for preparing pizzas, panettone, sweet or savoury breads
    - Drive button to lift the body of the product;
    - Stainless steel front face finishing;
    - Cover with anti-splash lid;
    - Anti-slip base.

    Technical specifications
    Brand: Philco
    Model: PHP500PS
    Power (W): 700W
    Consumption (kWh): 0.7 kWh
    Socket (A): 10A
    Voltage: 127v or 220v (not bivolt)

    Packing content
    Philco PHP500PS Turbo 700W Planetary mixer, 3 beaters for: light dough, heavy dough, creams and egg whites, 1 plastic bowl and anti-splash lid.

    Dimensions and Weight
    - Product (H x W x D) 32 x 35.5 x 22cm
    - Weight 2.24 Kg

    12-month manufacturer's guarante.

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